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Ward Off Winter Hand Woes

Just like changing your wardrobe for the Winter season, it is also essential to change your beauty routine, including your winter nail care! Increased dry winds and changing temperatures can harm the nails. Here are a few reminders for the months ahead: 1) Your nails will benefit greatly by moisturizing your hands regularly. We are all using hand sanitizers like crazy so make sure you utilize those creams after washing. 2) Adding an additional topcoat a few days after a Forbici manicure will go a long way in colder months. Check out the Artistic Winter Collection features contrasting finishes that will allow you to be as dazzling as you want during this festive season. 3) We recommend turning your classic Forbici manicure into a luxurious hand and nail treatment! Begin with an Asian herb exfoliating treatment to remove dry surface skin. Your nails and cuticles will then be groomed, followed by a nourishing creamy masque to smooth and soften your hands and arms. Enjoy a soothing hand and arm massage. Hands are then dipped into a heated paraffin bath and placed into warm mitts.

4 ) Another option is our fabulous paraffin treatment. Not only is this great for dry skin, it can be enormously helpful for relieving the joint pain and stiffness. Immersing your hands into warm paraffin wax that has essential oils to help smooth your skin. A great addition to any service.

Whichever service you choose, remember if it’s cold enough to wear a hat, it’s also cold enough to slip on a pair of gloves!


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