Summer fun unfortunately results in post-summer damage! After spending time in the elements: sun, chlorine, salt water and air conditioning your hair may become dull, brassy, dry and brittle.

Come September, dry hair is almost a guarantee because air can't repair itself, we have to put back in what has been stripped over the summer months.

In order to restore your hair color to its pre-summer state, we recommend heading to the salon for a fresh cut, a gloss and a deep conditioning treatment. Remember to use color protecting shampoos and conditioners

“All that UV exposure can create problems for our hair, causing alterations to the protein of the hair strand itself,” A global hair manufacturer, previously told Well+Good. “That’s when you see things like color lightening, and stiffening because your hair becomes more porous.” The UV rays damage the outermost layer of your hair, which leads to broken lengths, split ends, and discoloration. Because of this, it's key to protect your strands every time you step outside. Opt for a heat protectant to stop the damage before it has the chance to start.

Did you know that salt from the ocean crystalizes when it gets inside the pores of your hair? It can also cause the color from your hair dye to oxidize more quickly. First and foremost, the best thing you can do to avoid damage is rinse your hair immediately following your dip.

“Our scalps are inevitably a lot sweatier during the summer months than usual, and it's important to properly remove said sweat to avoid any nasty buildup. While the sweat itself doesn't technically make your hair dirty, if you leave it on your scalp for too long it can mix with bacteria and fungus, which can lead to a few issues you probably don't wanna have to deal with. To make sure you're getting a proper cleaning every time you lather and rinse, opt for a clarifying shampoo, recommended by our stylists, which will remove sweat, regulate excess sebum, eliminate dandruff, and calm itchiness.”

Even those who take excellent care of their hair sometimes need a boost. Stress, styling and environmental factors can weaken the hair gradually, causing it to look dry and dull, behaving in strange, unruly ways. When hair begins to exhibit signs of stress, there is a quick, easy fix available at Forbici Salon—our new signature Kérastase Fusio-Dose custom hair treatment. It is a system of concentrated care formulas and boosters that your stylist can mix for you personally, resulting in hair that is soft, shiny and incredibly healthy. With this treatment your hair quickly (5 minutes) transforms and restores to its full potential. Be sure and book your back to school appointments now as

we are filling up fast!

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Absolutely! Here’s Why: Unique Father's Day gifts: they do exist and we have them!! We are all weary of purchasing that tired old grill set again for that special guy on Father’s Day. Instead, make him feel like the Superstar with a pampering facial! Did you know that facials are a great way to start each season fresh and prepare your skin for the environmental

changes ahead? Summer is just beginning, and Forbici Facials provide immediate results! This treatment includes a complete skin assessment from our Esthetician (a trained Forbici professional who know exactly what to do to make you look your best!)

Our Gentlemen’s facials include custom blended deep cleansing, steam and enzyme exfoliation, and a conditioning mask personalized for Dad’s skin. He’ll also experience a de-stressing massage of the face, neck and shoulders that will leave him feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. Our tailor-made facial is perfect for the man looking to rejuvenate and cleanse his skin. Facials are a great way to relieve stress, and to also relax the muscles in your face, neck and shoulders.

Deep cleaning that he cannot do at home

Facials can include extractions, which is when the esthetician safely removes blackheads from your pores gets rid of anything that might be causing clogs. This procedure is not the same as squeezing a pimple on your own! It’s done very carefully to reduce the risk of scarring or damage. When pores are clear, then the esthetician has the ability to clean the pores themselves.

Home scrubs cannot come close to professional-level exfoliating products that target deep layers of skin and remove more dead cells. Chemical exfoliators, which use acids or enzymes to break down skin cells and remove them. Forbici estheticians are able to use these stronger products safely to give better results.

Before his facial

Tell Dad to skip shaving before his facial since shaving is an exfoliating process. Freshly shaved skin can become irritated so best to shave the day before your appointment.

Bonus: He will learn about skin products

An added benefit of seeing a professional for your face is that you will receive insights on what is best for your personal regimen. Our Forbici esthetician will provide a customized skin care plan for Dad's at home routine. Think of it like we think of haircuts (we always want to know the best products for our hair type). Want to learn even more men’s services that are fabulous for Fathers Day? read more here.

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It’s Spring! It’s time for NEW beginnings, NEW looks and NEW Guests.

Spring is a time of year we prepare for the influx of new guests. It is important to realize what it takes to attract new guests to walk in and use our services and how to keep them coming back. At Forbici, we want our salon to be successful and we are invested in doing whatever it takes to make that happen.

What it does it take to attract and keep customers?

We understand that not everyone is our customer and we try not to make the mistake of thinking we have to be all things for all people. We also know that there are certain standards that today’s clients expect from all salons/spas…

4 Things Clients Expect from Their Salon Visit

  1. The Experience. More than anything, guests prioritize the experience and they seek an engaging, fresh experience in store and online. We are continually finding ways of changing it up so our clients are nearly always getting a new experience. A good presence online gives our potential client access to who we are as a brand as well as a team and builds that connection that brings traffic into our salon.

  2. Personalization. Guests want us to understand their individual needs and base our offerings on that. Essentially, guests want to feel special.

  3. Consultation. More than 90% of NEW guests say they’ve never had a personalized consultation! When guests feel like the salon is the same old experience, they won’t really care to return. Our consultations are tailored to the guest in the chair at that moment.

  4. A Clean Professional Environment. When a guest walks through our salon doors, we want that first impression to be favorable and we want it to continue until that guest walks out the door. Details that might seem minor can have a make-or-break effect on client retention. At Forbici Salon and Spa, creating a high-quality client experience is our top priority and now, our guests will be able to see that for themselves! Did we mention our complete salon and spa renovation?

Customers can go anywhere to get their salon needs met, but at Forbici they keep coming back because we provide what they need from their salon and we continually work to meet that need. Knowing our customers and targeting the right customers, rather than trying to appeal to everybody, is what makes the Forbici difference. Our staff makes a huge impact on the success of our brand as they are a crucial part bringing in those all-important new clients.

We walk around the neighborhood and have a total understanding of the people who live, work, and spend time in the area. We see our clients in coffee shops, grocery stores and bars, so we have a general sense for community and what they really need and want from a salon in their neighborhood.

As a NEW GUEST we look forward to getting to know you! Visit our New Guest webpage and a member of our guest services team will reach out to you with an appointment /stylist recommendation. Our first time guests will also receive a very special discount to apply to any of our salon and spa services!

Don’t forget that our returning guests receive discounts for referrals and that ALL of our guests are eligible for our Loyalty Rewards Program where you earn points to use toward your future services!

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