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Day Spa Services

A beautiful water lily floating on a serene pool of water creating a relaxed fresh feeling

Massage therapy

Luxe Massage (Our Most Popular Massage)

A Luxe Massage is a full body massage which combines deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques as well as incorporating trigger point therapy and Flexology to improve your range of motion. It is truly a must if you suffer from shoulder and upper back pain and in need of stress reduction.

60 minutes starting at $108.00

90 minutes starting at $145.00

Deep Tissue Massage

A full body massage designed for athletes who need special attention to various muscle groups. This will improve circulation to the structural layers of muscle tissue, and address chronic tension patterns. This is NOT a relaxing massage, it is a treatment massage. 

60 minutes $118.00 or 90 minutes $153.00


Hot Stone

Experience a luxurious massage combined with deep heat therapy. Smooth basalt and marble stones are heated and then incorporated into the massage, loosening tight muscles and relieving stress.

60 minutes $125.00 or 90 minutes $165.00


Forbici Massage

This massage features both traditional massage and hot stone. It is the perfect solution for tight, tired muscles that need the gentle coaxing of heat to relax. Our signature massage and should be on your list of services to try.  

60 minutes $117.00 or 90 minutes $158.00


Swedish Massage

This traditional form of massage uses medium pressure to release tension in the muscles, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

60 minutes starting at $104.00

90 minutes starting at $144.00.



An ancient Chinese therapy that relieves stress or pain in the body by applying pressure to corresponding points on the feet.

Starting at $20.00


Lomi Lomi Massage

An invigorating Hawaiian technique using rhythmic applications of thumbs, knuckles, forearms and elbows to specific areas of tension. 
60 minutes $105.00 or 90 minutes $140.00

Reiki Massage

An energy healing technique in which a certified Reiki Master uses gentle hand movements with the intention to guide the flow of healthy energy through the clients body to reduce stress and promote healing. 
30 minutes $65.00 

Prenatal Massage

This nurturing massage is a wonderful way to relax and relieve discomfort associated with pregnancy. Special care is taken to assure comfort during this massage. 

60 minutes $114.00 or 90 minutes $149.00


Series Massage

Give yourself or someone special a series of massages. We feel that there are healing qualities in massage therapy that cannot happen during one visit. Wouldn’t it be nice to know it won’t be long until you feel this way again? Ask about our pricing for massage packages.


*Massage Therapies

Your modesty is very important to us. You will be fully draped for all of our spa services, however, you may bring a swimsuit if it would make you feel more comfortable.



Body treatments

Woman on massge table with smooth stones on top of her back, she is receiving a hot stone massage

"I just got home from getting a deep tissue massage at Forbici Salon. This was hands down the best massage I have ever received. My masseuse was very welcoming, personable, and you could really tell that she wanted you to genuinely enjoy your time there. The service was great at the front desk as well. Everyone makes you feel very welcomed and special. I will definitely be returning there and recommend it for everyone!"   - Klaudia T.

Woman on massge table with smooth stones on top of her back, she is receiving a hot stone massage

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Herbology Body Wrap

The ancient science of healing with herbs. First your body is lightly massaged with warm oil, followed by an exfoliating body polish with granulated Asian herbs. Then you are cocooned in warm thermal blankets to enhance the herbal benefits. To complete your treatment, an application of emollient body cream will be applied. This is a perfect prelude to a body massage. Treatment time: 60 minutes. Starting at $99.00


Aromatherapy Body Wrap

Experience an aromatic warm oil treatment for your body. It begins with an invigorating neck to toes dry brushing to gently loosen and exfoliate rough surface skin. Next, customized blends of therapeutic aromatherapy oils are luxuriously massaged into your entire body. Then you are cocooned inside a solar blanket and bathed in soothing infrared light to help the oil penetrate your skin. You’ll drift into a state of deep relaxation as the curative effects of the essential oils begin to soothe away your tensions. Emerge totally relaxed, de-stressed and smoother than ever. Treatment time: 45 minutes. Starting at $93.00


Salt Glow Body Treatment

A special mixture of sea salt, herbs and minerals blended with aromatherapy oils are massaged onto the body, gently buffing your skin to a smooth finish. Next, your entire body is rinsed under an invigorating, yet soothing Vichy rain shower leaving your skin glowing and toned. Treatment time: 30 minutes. Starting at $89.00


Algae Body Wrap

This re-mineralizing treatment begins with a gentle body brushing to rid your skin of dead surface cells. Then a nutrient rich layer of Norwegian Algae is slathered over your body and you are enveloped in a protective thermal blanket neck to toes. Next, a customized mask is applied to your face. As you enter a state of deep relaxation, the micronutrients present in the algae penetrate your skin, increasing circulation, replacing lost minerals and detoxifying the body. To finish, the algae is gently rinsed off under a Vichy rain shower. A light application of emollient body creme is applied to your body and a customized moisturizer is massaged onto your face. Treatment time: 60 minutes. Starting at $113.00 (shellfish allergy)


Mud Therapy Body Treatment

Therapeutic mud imported from Germany is blended with energizing plant extracts and restorative clay, then applied to your body from neck to toes. Next, you are cocooned in thermal wrappings and bathed in infrared light. While you luxuriate in this detoxifying mixture, your face becomes the focus of attention with an application of purifying mud therapy mask. Your body will be rinsed with a Vichy rain shower and you will emerge with glowing, toned and unbelievably soft skin, followed by an application of emollient body creme and a customized facial moisturizer. Treatment time: 60 minutes. Starting at $110.00

Ear Candling (thermal-auricular therapy)

This alternative medicine practice that may improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal creating a suction that gently removes all wax build-up and debris form the ear canal. $51.00 

Woman receiving salt glow body treatment
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