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Forbici Spa Delivers A Superior Guest Experience. 

We proudly represent the following fine quality products:

Cosmeceuticals, Biolements, Biotone, and Creative

Hand/Nail /Foot Care
Day Escapes
Massage Therapies
Body Therapies / Wraps
Bridal Services
On-Location Services

Treat yourself to a pampering spa retreat that will relax your body, calm your mind and re-energize your spirit. Enjoy our signature Forbici services and let go of all stress! 

Our massage therapists are trained in all aspects of massage. Experience one of our many Day Escapes, Massage Therapies, or Body Therapies. You can also select from Facials, Lip Treatments, Microdermabrasion, Waxing, to Airbrush Bronzing and Makeup Application. The choices are endless! 


*All massages are booked for 60 minute increments unless otherwise specified. Your modesty is very important to us. You will be fully draped for all of our spa services, however, you may wear your undergarments if it would make you feel more comfortable.


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