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Men's Spa Services – Knowledge Is Power!

When it comes to spa services, most guys are still a little bit in the dark. However, once men are educated on the health benefits of spa services targeted just for them – they are usually more likely to give these treatments a try. And from there, they usually get hooked!

Over the past few years, men now account for a nearly 1/2 of all guests, according to the most recent Consumer Snapshot released by the International SPA Association (ISPA). What’s driving the demand? “Men are becoming increasingly aware of the health and wellness benefits that spa treatments offer, in most cases, they’re overworked, stressed and tired, so they’re looking for a brief respite from the craziness of their jobs and family life, and appreciate the calming atmosphere that a spa provides.”

Because men are becoming more aware of personal appearance/wellness, salons and spas are creating a wider range of services specifically for guys so they feel more comfortable booking treatments. Forbici has been offering a variety of men's services for many years and over time, we have noticed some of the favorites among "the guys".

Men's Deep Tissue massage - Men love a good massage, especially if they’re athletically inclined. This ultra-relaxing service is designed for those who need special attention to various muscle groups. This will improve circulation to the structural layers of muscle tissue, and address chronic tension patterns.

Mens back treatment- This targeted treatment is especially popular during warmer months! Many of our female guests come in and request the service for their partners.

This is an essential maintenance for a smooth, clear back. This is ideal for problematic skin conditions such as acne. This treatment begins with deep cleansing and enzyme therapy under steam. Shoulders and upper arms are relaxed with an oriental acupressure massage. To finish, a detoxifying mud therapy mask is followed up with an invigorating application of oil-free moisturizer.

Gentlemen's facial - This service is fully customizable and provides immediate results! This treatment is designed to ease shaving and keep skin healthy looking. Includes a complete skin assessment, custom blended deep cleansing, steam and enzyme exfoliation, and a conditioning mask personalized for your skin. You’ll also experience a de-stressing massage of the face, neck and shoulders that will leave you feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.

Manicures: A man’s hands need to presentable at all times and regular manicures can make this happen! This is recommended as a weekly service to keep your nails looking their best. Complete with a hand massage, nail and cuticle grooming.

Pedicures- The best way to get your feet in bare foot or flip-flop shape! Pedicures are great for circulation, relaxation and rejuvenation. Soak those aching feet in our whirlpool bath and enjoy a eucalyptus masque that will cool your muscles and smooth away dry skin. After a firm-pressured foot massage, your nails and cuticles will be groomed.


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