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How We Bring in New Guests & Keep Them!

It’s Spring! It’s time for NEW beginnings, NEW looks and NEW Guests.

Spring is a time of year we prepare for the influx of new guests. It is important to realize what it takes to attract new guests to walk in and use our services and how to keep them coming back. At Forbici, we want our salon to be successful and we are invested in doing whatever it takes to make that happen.

What it does it take to attract and keep customers?

We understand that not everyone is our customer and we try not to make the mistake of thinking we have to be all things for all people. We also know that there are certain standards that today’s clients expect from all salons/spas…

4 Things Clients Expect from Their Salon Visit

  1. The Experience. More than anything, guests prioritize the experience and they seek an engaging, fresh experience in store and online. We are continually finding ways of changing it up so our clients are nearly always getting a new experience. A good presence online gives our potential client access to who we are as a brand as well as a team and builds that connection that brings traffic into our salon.

  2. Personalization. Guests want us to understand their individual needs and base our offerings on that. Essentially, guests want to feel special.

  3. Consultation. More than 90% of NEW guests say they’ve never had a personalized consultation! When guests feel like the salon is the same old experience, they won’t really care to return. Our consultations are tailored to the guest in the chair at that moment.

  4. A Clean Professional Environment. When a guest walks through our salon doors, we want that first impression to be favorable and we want it to continue until that guest walks out the door. Details that might seem minor can have a make-or-break effect on client retention. At Forbici Salon and Spa, creating a high-quality client experience is our top priority and now, our guests will be able to see that for themselves! Did we mention our complete salon and spa renovation?

Customers can go anywhere to get their salon needs met, but at Forbici they keep coming back because we provide what they need from their salon and we continually work to meet that need. Knowing our customers and targeting the right customers, rather than trying to appeal to everybody, is what makes the Forbici difference. Our staff makes a huge impact on the success of our brand as they are a crucial part bringing in those all-important new clients.

We walk around the neighborhood and have a total understanding of the people who live, work, and spend time in the area. We see our clients in coffee shops, grocery stores and bars, so we have a general sense for community and what they really need and want from a salon in their neighborhood.

As a NEW GUEST we look forward to getting to know you! Visit our New Guest webpage and a member of our guest services team will reach out to you with an appointment /stylist recommendation. Our first time guests will also receive a very special discount to apply to any of our salon and spa services!

Don’t forget that our returning guests receive discounts for referrals and that ALL of our guests are eligible for our Loyalty Rewards Program where you earn points to use toward your future services!


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