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Fall in Love with Your Nails: Why Transitioning Your Nail Care Routine is a Must

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

As the leaves change colors and the air becomes crisp, it's time to bid farewell to summer and usher in the cozy vibes of fall. Just as you swap out your summer wardrobe for warmer layers, your nail care routine deserves a transition too. Fall is the perfect season to show

Woman holding a bottle of nail polish

your nails some extra TLC while sipping on your favorite lattes and snuggling in your coziest sweaters. In this blog post, we'll explore why making this transition is a priority and the importance of regular salon manicures.

Say Goodbye to Summer Damage

Summer can be tough on your nails. Exposure to sun, gardening, and pool chemicals can lead to dry, brittle nails. Transitioning your nail care routine in the fall allows you to repair any damage incurred during the summer months.

Hydration is Key

Just like you wrap up in your comfiest sweater to keep warm, your nails need protection too. Fall signifies lower humidity levels, which can lead to dry nails and cuticles. Incorporate hydrating nail creams and oils into your routine to keep your nails strong and flexible.

Hand with manicure

Dark, Dazzling Colors

Fall is all about rich, deep hues or warm neutrals. Swap out your pastel and neon shades for moody, sophisticated colors like deep plum, olive green, or toasty oranges.

nail polish shades for Fall

Prevent Cracking and Peeling

With the drop in temperature, your nails are more prone to cracking and peeling.

Regularly moisturizing and using a high-quality base coat can help prevent these issues.

Forbici now offers Gel Nails which are the perfect solution for thin, brittle nails that will not grow. CND PLEXIGEL™ is the new and easy way to add strength to the natural nail or create long lasting enhancements while keeping the natural nail healthy.

The formula repairs chips, cracks, and splints with a flexible and taught coating that simultaneously protects; the natural nail. Bonus: It is formulated without animal derived ingredients. It is also cruelty-free as it was not tested on animals.

Invest in Quality Products

Fall is a great time to invest in quality nail care products as the seasons change. Ask your technician about nourishing base coats, chip-resistant topcoats, and durable polishes that can withstand the autumn elements.

woman with toasty orange nail polish

Healthy Nails, Healthy You

Remember that your nails are a reflection of your overall health. Prioritizing your nail care routine not only makes your nails look great but can also indicate that you're taking care of your well-being, just like taking time out to sip on a soothing latte or enjoying the cozy comforts of fall. Pampering yourself with manicures and pedicures are both relaxing and rewarding!

Importance of Regular Salon Manicures

While at-home nail care is essential, regular salon manicures offer a unique set of benefits. Salon professionals are equipped with the expertise and tools to provide precision, hygiene, and the perfect finishing touch to your nails.

Additionally, the Forbici salon experience is a delightful self-indulgence that can boost your confidence and provide the re-set you need.

As the chilly autumn breeze sets in and the days grow shorter, don't forget to make transitioning your nail care routine a priority and and indulge in some self-care, including those rejuvenating salon manicures. So, get ready to fall in love with your nails all over again!


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