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Are you imagining how light effects in your hair would look? Bring the magic of sunshine to your hair and start living what you envision! There are many ways to lighten the color of your hair. Brilliant light effects can add a radiance and glow to your appearance. It is possible to lighten hair of any color, from very dark to platinum blonde.

Lighter Pieces Add Interest and Glow to Your Hair

Professional highlights instantaneously add the “kiss of sunshine” in your hair

and give your hair a very natural blonde appearance. Hair care professionals

either weave out pieces the traditional way using foils or they use brushes and applicators for more artistic free-hand highlights. This works well for almost any existing hair color. Since only a few strands are involved, the process is not quite as hard on your hair. Weaving highlights in two or three slightly different shades add even more color and dimension. Add a shadow Root for further dimension.

Staying on the Soft Side: Shading rather than Bleaching

Your hair is not going to look lighter after shading or deepening your color, but it can show very sophisticated color effects. Options are various shades of gold, copper or red as well as

brown sheens. Demi-permanent colors do not penetrate the outer cuticle layer of the hair but coat every hair with pigment particles. This is the gentlest hair coloring available while creating subtle but beautiful light reflections and providing hair with gorgeous luster.

Maintaining that Beautiful Sunshine

Color-treated hair requires deep moisturizers, invaluable oils and professional

hair remedies such as keratins and vitamins. Refresh your hair by applying an intensive conditioning treatment or mask once a week. UV-protection is also very important to prevent your hair from color loss and dryness.

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To learn about skin care, you can read the endless product packaging, or you can simply get professional insights from our Forbici estheticians who specialize in the skin beautification of real people just like you! They are knowledgeable and admittedly love tailoring treatments, lotions, and experiences for their clients. We hope this blog post educates, inspires, and empowers you to look beyond the store shelves to ramp up your skincare routine.

What To Expect When Receiving A Signature Forbici Facial

Facials are incredibly relaxing and can even feel a bit feel indulgent, but the fact is that they are a preventive measure for good skin care regimen. Over time, facials are recommended every four weeks (depending upon your skin's particular needs) to really get your complexion glowing. 1) Every Forbici Facial lasts one hour and begins with customized skin cleansing steam to remove toxins, make up and debris. The level of cleanse and exfoliation will be based on your personal skin analysis.

2) If a deeper cleanse is required, added exfoliation utilizing a circular brush head will aid in removal of dead skin cells on the surface. The results leave your skin feeling and looking healthier and more radiant.

3) People who experience compromised skin, including acne, redness, and rosacea, will especially benefit from our Sorella botanical line with fruit enzymes to rebuild your skin barrier.

4) Forbici blended conditioning masques are personalized for your skin. Whether it's soothing plant extracts, clarifying clay or vitamin C, our relaxing custom blended serums, deep hydrating gels and rich moisturizers will melt the years away.

5) One of the best parts of getting a professional facial is the soothing face, neck and scalp massage. It is an intentional process that can provide many benefits beyond relaxation.

6) To ensure the safety of our valued guests and our Forbici staff, we have installed plexiglass shields and dividers for your facial experience. Masks are worn by staff during your entire visit.

We hope this introduction to one of our most popular services has provided insights on why a facial given by a professional is more than just a is an essential, tailored skin care experience you don't want to miss. View all of our Facial offerings and schedule your appointment today!

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Winter is a great time do do body waxing because you can grow hair out to the length of a grain of rice without anyone noticing! And then, by the time Spring/Summer arrives you have super smooth skin that you really don't need to shave!

At Forbici Salon and Spa, we offer the following waxing services:








Backs need special attention!

We really need to give our back the same attention we give our face and neck. The skin (back there) can be just as sensitive and prone to dryness and irritation. A back facial is a painless treatment that consists of deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and purifying masks. The esthetician will use creams and possibly steam to exfoliate and clean your skin before extracting oil and debris. The treatment ends with a detoxifying mask for hydration. Over 50% of the population have breakouts on their back and every 28 days our skin cells turnover, so making this part of an overall skin regimen is a healthy choice for 2021!

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