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Turning Forbici Mirrors into Windows of Opportunity

At Forbici, ongoing education is critical for furthering the skills that continue to make our stylists “next level.” It’s no secret that the beauty industry is constantly evolving and new products are created to meet those changes. With the new trends, clients demand more services, so likewise, stylists need to be on the ready to meet those demands!

We are firmly committed to the ongoing training and education events that supports the advancement of our Forbici family. Top Forbici stylist Kathryn Wereminski, reflects that she “benefitted so much from all of the education she continues to receive while working at Forbici Salon and Spa!” One of her favorite aspects of her training experience has been receiving product updates from the well known brands they use. She never feels like she’s out of touch with what’s new and emerging!

Did you know that Forbici Salon and Spa is a teaching salon that utilizes an associate program from Summit Salon Business Center. The program lasts anywhere from 5-8 months depending on how fast you’re moving through the curriculum. This program was put together to help newly graduated cosmetology students enter into the world of hair with mentoring from senior stylists that are part of our mentorship/education team.

During the mentorship program, stylists are required to attend all “in-salon” education, complete assignments and bring in guest models on specific days. Associates start with one opportunity day a week, bringing in guests of their own. Guests are typically family and friends. Associates also work side by side with mentors assisting guests and learning new techniques. Associates assist with color application and highlights, along with blow-drying and curling techniques. Mentorship training provides confidence building and even greater insights to the guest experience.

We provide education 1-2 times per quarter depending on what the team feels is needed by the stylists of the salon. Education covers cutting skills, color techniques and product knowledge classes. In addition, stylists keep up on current trends through Instagram and Facebook Live platforms.

At Forbici, We are proud to focus on both the satisfaction and advancement of our team. This commitment to making our team feel important, valued, and trusted is the key to ensuring longevity and dependability, and contributing to the long-term satisfaction of the guests that we serve.


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