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Love Your Skin With These 10 Tips

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

We all want great skin and throughout history human complexions have been important signs of health and beauty. Smoking, sun exposure and poor nutrition are the more obvious culprits we know to avoid. And what about free radicals? Avoiding total exposure to free radicals is clearly not possible, and avoiding pollution, pesticides and UV radiation can be tough. The truth is it takes some effort to keep our skin healthy and these 10 tips will go a long way in getting you there…

1) Drink Water all day long to maintain your skin’s elasticity and decrease signs of aging. This is even more important as we grow older to flush our bodies of toxins.

2) Use a moisturizer and sunscreen combo every day. Even when we are exposed to the sun for short intervals throughout the day, the effects are notable. Fine lines, wrinkles will appear at a higher rate.

3) Limit long showers and baths that strip your body’s natural oils from your skin and avoid harsh soaps when you do shower. Be sure to pat yourself dry and moisturize immediately.

4) Exercise regularly and sweat out the cortisol. Your face will thank you with this natural cleanse and you will have a healthy glow after you are done.

5) Avoid junk food. Did you know that certain foods speed up glycation in your skin? Glycation is when sugar molecules latch onto cells, including those in skin, and cause them to become malformed and accelerate the breakdown of collagen. The end result: loss of radiance, more noticeable lines, and skin that doesn't look as supple. Overdoing it with carbs and dairy has been linked to acne as well. Antioxidants are compounds that can be found in food and can help delay damage to our cells by free radicals.

6) Get a full body exam by a Dermatologist. Let a specialist check you out from head to toe as early detection for skin cancers is key. If you are 30 or over it’s time to schedule that visit.

7) Use targeted exfoliators. Simply put, those dead skin cells clog pores and create a dull appearance.

8) Gently remove your makeup way before bedtime. Your face needs to rid itself of pore clogging build up from the day. Try and remove your makeup when you get home from work, those fresh-faced extra hours will benefit you greatly. Use extra care when removing eye makeup as the surrounding skin is very delicate.

9) Sleep on a clean pillowcase. Makeup, saliva and dead skin cells oh my!

10) Last but definitely not least: Schedule your facial appointments. When it comes to renewing skin cells, blood flow circulation,

exfoliation and toning your skin, Forbici Facials and Skin Treatments rule the day. We offer a multitude of skin services from relaxing facials to back treatments. Be sure and speak to one of our skin care professionals to learn recommendations for our wonderful line of skin products at Forbici.

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