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Great Ways to Transition Your Hair Color from Summer to Fall

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

As we all get excited for our pumpkin spice lattes to return, we are often changing up our hair color routines as well. Fall hair color ideas can be low-maintenance but high-impact, and we've got plenty of gorgeous options for blonds, brunettes, redheads, and more!

Summer elements (chlorine, salt, and UV rays) can do the worst kind of damage. Your hair is crying for a fresh start and there are many treatments that can revive your look. First and foremost schedule your cut or trim!

A lot of people will be going short this Fall! Short layered haircuts will always create more shape and volume. Adding blended layers on short hair brings texture, fullness, and dimension, which is a bonus for women with fine hair.

Looking for a little color inspiration? Blondes can replace chunky bleached highlights with thinner more natural ones to add a soft dimension. Try a glaze with some golds to warm up your ends. Amber or chestnut hues can create a rich look if warmer tones are your vibe.

For brunettes who want to go darker, perhaps enhancing your depth with lowlights? For reds you can achieve this with adding color a level darker at the root. Top it off with a gloss to add richness and shine. Auburn hair is typically a rich red-brown, but depending on the intensity of the red, it can look like a brunette with hints of red undertones or look like a dark deep reflective red.

2021 has been the year to go big and there is plenty of time left to opt for bolder cut and color choices!

Fall is the perfect time for deep conditioning your hair. Forbici offers many deep conditioning treatments, masks and a chemistry system intensive treatment. Contact us to learn which treatment is right for you.

“Fall focus is on shine and gloss. If the hair looks healthy and well-conditioned, it’s on-trend, whatever the color. Well-conditioned hair is everything this season, linking into hair health as a symbol of our overall well-being.”


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