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Getting Your Feet Summer-Ready: 6 Essential Tips from Our Spa Experts

Before you slip into your favorite open-toed shoes or strappy sandals, it’s essential to prepare your feet for their seasonal debut! Spring has arrived and summer is coming so now is the time when our Forbici professional pedicures come to the rescue.

Summer Foot Care by Forbici

Your feet carry you through every step of your day, so it’s only fair to give them the pampering they deserve, especially before baring them in summer footwear. Ignoring essential foot care can lead to issues like cracked heels, rough skin, and even infections. Not to mention, who doesn’t love the feeling of soft, smooth feet?

The Importance of Professional Pedicures

While DIY pedicures have their time and place, there’s something truly special about indulging in a professional pedicure. Our skilled technicians not only make your feet look fabulous but also provide essential care that will have your feet summer-ready in no time and will go beyond what you can achieve at home. 

Forbici pedicures should be part of your summer foot care regimen

During our professional pedicures, dead skin is gently removed, our meticulous nail care techniques ensure proper trimming and shaping and cuticles are tidied up. We offer different pedicure options that help prevent painful nail conditions and promote overall foot comfort:

Forbici Pedicure

Our award-winning pedicure service leaves your feet and legs feeling and looking their best. After your therapeutic soak, you will receive an Asian herb exfoliation treatment to remove dry surface skin from your feet and calves. A moisture rich masque will be applied to your calves while your feet are cocooned in warm paraffin and heated booties. A soothing foot and calf massage will follow. End the service with the polish of your choice.

Dazzle Dry Pedicure

Dazzle Dry Pedicure dries in only 5 minutes, is non-toxic, and lasts for up to two (and sometimes three!) weeks. Fortified with proVitamin B5 and Calcium, it strengthens your natural nail, wears like gel, and removes like polish.

Rejuvenating Pedicure

Refresh your feet with a warm therapeutic soak followed by an invigorating exfoliating treatment to remove dry surface skin from you feet and calves. A moisturizing masque will then be applied and removed with soothing hot towels. A de-stressing foot and calf massage will follow to leave your feet and legs feeling smooth and supple. Finish with the polish of your choice.

Plus, let’s not forget the blissful therapeutic soak and foot massage that comes with it – talk about pure relaxation! Regular pedicures also help prevent ingrown toenails and promote better circulation, ensuring your feet stay happy and healthy.

Health Tips for Happy Feet

Health Tips for Happy Feet

  1. Stay Hydrated: Proper hydration is key to maintaining soft, supple skin on your feet. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out.

  2. Exfoliate Regularly: Use a gentle foot scrub or pumice stone to slough away dead skin cells and reveal smoother, healthier-looking feet. Aim to exfoliate at least once a week to keep rough patches at bay.

  3. Moisturize Daily: After exfoliating, follow up with a rich foot cream or lotion to lock in moisture and keep your skin soft and hydrated. Pay extra attention to areas prone to dryness, like the heels and balls of your feet.

  4. Wear Supportive Shoes: Opt for shoes that provide adequate support and cushioning to prevent foot pain and discomfort. Avoid wearing flip-flops or sandals for extended periods, as they offer minimal support and can contribute to foot strain. 

  5. Protect Your Feet: Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your feet when spending time outdoors to prevent sunburn and reduce the risk of skin damage. Be generous to the tops and fronts of ankles, and don't forget to reapply after you've been in the water.

  6. Avoid Bare Feet in Public Spaces: Did you know that viral foot infections the summer months are at the highest level of the year? Always wear flip-flops or water shoes in public showers or pool areas to protect against fungal infections, plantar warts, athlete's foot  and ringworm. And don’t forget those breathable cotton socks during those hot, sticky conditions when sweaty feet are a common.

We understand the unique challenges you face when it comes to foot care, from balancing work and family commitments to squeezing in some much-needed self-care time. That’s why we’re here to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you to prioritize your foot health.

Regular maintenance ensures that your feet remain in top condition

Whether you’re a busy college student, a career-driven professional, a supermom on the go, or a guy who simply wants some beach-ready feet, carving out a little me-time for a relaxing pedicure can work wonders for both your physical and mental well-being. Plus, with summer right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to treat yourself to some much-deserved pampering and get your feet sandal- and flop ready in no time!

As the temperature rises and the days get longer, don’t forget to show your feet some love and attention. By incorporating professional pedicures into your spring routine, you set the stage for a summer filled with happy, healthy feet. Regular maintenance ensures that your feet remain in top condition, allowing you to step confidently into the warmer months ahead. 

So why wait? Spring into action and schedule your pedicure today! 


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