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Trends 2022: Styles that will be HUGE next year

We love this time of year when the salon is bustling with holiday cheer and all the while, our hairstylists and colorists have visions of all those fabulous new cuts and styles that will be trending in 2022!

"Get ready for even more nostalgic looks to return at both ends of the spectrum. We will see lots of low maintenance natural texture along with sleek styles that push bold expression.

The bob is a timeless hairstyle that’s expected to dominate in the year to come — especially since it involves a serious chop."

A sharp, blunt bob is a classic style that will continue to be popular in 2022,” Miko Branch, co-founder and CEO of Miss Jessie’s, tells Bustle. This chin-grazing cut is super chic and versatile — it looks good with all hair types, including straight hair, thin hair, or curls.”

So, maybe you don’t want to commit to s short styled bob? There is a long bob called a “lob” which is a modern take on blunt bob. This is a great option for anyone looking to go shorter in the new year but doesn’t want to get the classic bob.

As for the color forecast, want to go darker during this winter?We will definitely see this trend carrying itself well into 2022. Ask your colorist for a chocolate brown hue.

Here’s a list we compiled of what we expect to be seeing in the NEW YEAR!

  • Textured Layers

  • Blunt Bob

  • Wispy Bangs

  • Effortless Braids

  • Brunette Hair Color

  • Blunt Lobs

  • Long Layered Haircut

  • Shaggy Bob

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