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Heading towards the light | Spring 2021

Are you imagining how light effects in your hair would look? Bring the magic of sunshine to your hair and start living what you envision! There are many ways to lighten the color of your hair. Brilliant light effects can add a radiance and glow to your appearance. It is possible to lighten hair of any color, from very dark to platinum blonde.

Lighter Pieces Add Interest and Glow to Your Hair

Professional highlights instantaneously add the “kiss of sunshine” in your hair

and give your hair a very natural blonde appearance. Hair care professionals

either weave out pieces the traditional way using foils or they use brushes and applicators for more artistic free-hand highlights. This works well for almost any existing hair color. Since only a few strands are involved, the process is not quite as hard on your hair. Weaving highlights in two or three slightly different shades add even more color and dimension. Add a shadow Root for further dimension.

Staying on the Soft Side: Shading rather than Bleaching

Your hair is not going to look lighter after shading or deepening your color, but it can show very sophisticated color effects. Options are various shades of gold, copper or red as well as

brown sheens. Demi-permanent colors do not penetrate the outer cuticle layer of the hair but coat every hair with pigment particles. This is the gentlest hair coloring available while creating subtle but beautiful light reflections and providing hair with gorgeous luster.

Maintaining that Beautiful Sunshine

Color-treated hair requires deep moisturizers, invaluable oils and professional

hair remedies such as keratins and vitamins. Refresh your hair by applying an intensive conditioning treatment or mask once a week. UV-protection is also very important to prevent your hair from color loss and dryness.


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