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11 Reasons Why Hair Salon Guests Seek a Personalized Approach

It’s no secret that salon guests become more discerning about their hair care needs and preferences as they get older, and may require a more tailored approach to achieve their desired results. Individual preferences vary greatly for each generation.

Busy moms juggling family schedules may prefer salons that are located near their homes or workplaces and offer flexible hours to accommodate their busy lives. Whereas guests over 40 who are starting to experience graying hair, may require a different approach to coloring or highlighting.

The fabulous news is Forbici has expanded our guest experience with the New Guest/Staff matching system. Salon Guests may want a customized approach for a myriad of reasons:

1. Changes in Hair Texture: As we age, hair texture may change due to hormonal fluctuations, genetics, or other factors. Hair may become thinner, coarser, or more brittle. This can make it more challenging to achieve a desired style, and may require different techniques or products than used in the past

2. Changing Hair Color: Many guests want to experiment with new hair colors or highlights to refresh their look, but they may also want to avoid harsh chemicals or treatments that could damage their hair. Guest/Staff matching at the salon can help guests achieve the hair color they desire while also ensuring that their hair remains healthy and strong.

3. Personalized Styling: Guests over 40 may have more specific preferences when it comes to the way their hair is styled. They may want a haircut or style that flatters their face shape or complements their personal style. A customized experience at the salon can help guests achieve the look they want, while also taking into account their individual needs and preferences.

4. Lifestyle Changes: As guests get older, they may have different priorities or commitments that affect their hair care routine. For example, they may want a low-maintenance style that works with their busy schedule, or they may want a more polished look for a professional setting.

5. Personalization: They might expect a personalized consultation with the stylist to discuss their hair goals, preferences, and lifestyle, and suggest a customized hairstyle that suits them.

6. Quality Products: Younger guests might want a salon that uses high-quality, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products for their hair treatment and styling needs.

7. Hygiene and Safety: Post-pandemic, guests may place high priority on hygiene and safety measures implemented in salons such as regular disinfection.

8. Comfort and Relaxation: Certain guests might want a relaxing and comfortable environment in the salon with soothing music, a peaceful atmosphere, and comfortable seating for a break from their busy lives.

9. Trend Watchers: Some guests are always on the pulse of the latest fashions and prefer stylists with updated knowledge on the latest hair trends, styles, and techniques.

10. Availability of Additional Services: Additional services like manicure, pedicure or spa services can add more value to a hair salon experience.

11. Affordable Pricing: While quality services are important, younger guests may also look for stylists that offer reasonable pricing and value for money.

Ultimately, every guest is unique, and may have specific preferences when it comes to their hair. Some guests may simply want a more personalized experience at the salon to ensure that they are getting the look they want.

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